2023. Ready, steady… go!

We are ready for an exciting new year!

2023 has arrived and we are very excited because we can already see it will be unique and full of surprises! In fact, we have been preparing for it for some time with new songs, new gigs… but the best thing will be all the people we will meet in the many cities and countries we’ll visit on our tours!

So, the first thing we share with you are dates which are already confirmed in our calendar! The first concert of the year is at the end of January in Bulgarograsso, in the province of Como (Italy), where we will play our ‘Gen Verde Acoustic‘ concert, in the setting of the Sant’Agata feast and the family festival, celebrated by the local community.

Immediately afterwards, we will hop over to Germany, to Dortmund, where we will return to do the ‘Start Now Workshop Project‘, which includes the ‘Gen Verde in Concert‘ together with the young people participating in the workshops. Afterwards, it is back to Italy to go to Assisi where we will play in the event ‘Fratelli tutti – Musica per la pace‘.

To find out more, take a look at the ‘tour’ section of our website.

So, here are all the dates which are confirmed for this year, so that you can already start getting ready, because if you are nearby, we’d love to see you!

  • 28 January in Bulgarograsso (Como, Italy): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 6-8 February in Dortmund (Germany): “Start Now Workshop Project”
  • 8 February in Dortmund (Germany): “Gen Verde in Concert”
  • 24 February in Assisi (Perugia, Italy): “Gen Verde in Concert”
  • 19 April in Afragola (Campania, Italy): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 21 April in Venosa (Potenza, Italy): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 3-5 May in Timișoara (Romania): “Start Now Workshop Project”
  • 6 May in Timișoara (Romania): “Gen Verde in Concert”
  • 19 May in Wilhering (Austria): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 20 May in Wilhering (Austria): Workshop Artistici
  • 20 May in Wilhering (Austria): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 27 May in Montecosaro (Macerata, Italy): “Gen Verde Acoustic”
  • 7-9 June in Gorgonzola (Milano, Italy): “Start Now Workshop Project”
  • 10 June in Gorgonzola (Milano, Italy): “Gen Verde in Concert”
  • 11 June in Gorgonzola (Milano, Italy): “Gen Verde in Concert”
  • 1-6 August in Lisbon (Portugal): “World Youth Day 2023”.
  • From September to November – USA Tour

REMEMBER: there are more dates to be confirmed, we will let you know about them as soon as possible!

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