From the Inside Outside

From the Inside Outside is Gen Verde’s latest concert: a powerful show featuring the group’s signature ethnically influenced pop-rock style with beats designed to make you want to get up and dance, but at the same time delivering a strong message to make you think. The songs deal with some of young people’s toughest challenges today – low self-esteem, bullying, racism, addictions.

In the concert, the band members sing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Korean, reflecting their multicultural roots.

These original songs are inspired by the true stories of the group’s members or by those of other bridge-builders who have inspired them to be better people.

From the Inside Outside is a musical experience that invites each person to discover the light of hope they hold within and so become catalysts of change around them.

The particular characteristics of the show make indoor spaces such as theatres, sports halls, auditoriums and concert halls the preferred venues.


  • concert with full band and choreographies
  • approximately 2 hours
  • Theatre, sports hall, auditorium or concert hall

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