Morning Will Come

Morning will come:
You will return in glory.
A chalice of new wine You’ll bring
which I will drink with You.
I the branch
and You the vine:
I feel Your life
within me.
And from Your side,
Your wounded love,
flows mercy without end.

You are the Lamb.
You pour your life out for me
and in Your precious blood I’m washed
and by Your death redeemed.
Though You’re nailed
upon a cross,
my chains by You are broken.
You take away
my heart of stone:
a heart of flesh You give.

Be with me Lord
the day my life is ending.
I know Your cross will bring me through
and death will lose its hold.
Though I’m weak,
I hope in You:
You’re by my side forever,
forsaken love,
so great a love,
a love that has no end.


He’s Alive

Letra: Pierangelo Sequeri
Música: Nancy L. Uelmen, M. Thérèse Henderson, Jocelyn K. Belamide
© Copyright Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M. All rights reserved