Stars On The Sidewalk

It’s a perfect world, what a sunshiny place
Where the palm trees dance in the breeze
Lots of beautiful people with a smile on their face
Looking perfectly at their ease
They’ve got stars on the sidewalk and stars in their eyes
There’s a star everywhere it seems
So perfect…
What’s their secret?

Got to get to the top, got to get to the top
Got to get to the top, got to get…

And pretend to be happy
Make it look like you’re all you want to be
Pretend to be happy
Make believe you’ve got everything you need
Pretend to be happy
Make ‘em think you’ve fulfilled your every dream
And pretend to be happy
Never show what you hide behind the scenes

Now the sun’s gone down in a bright orange glow
Disappearing without a trace
All the beautiful people finish playing their role
Time to put on another face
They’ve got stars on the sidewalk but look in their eyes
The glimmer has gone away

When you get to the top
Is that all, at the top?
You’re alone at the top, all alone…

Just pretend to be happy…
They don’t know that you cry behind the scenes

Ooh… Look up at the sky
Look up where the stars light up the night
What keeps them alive?
What keeps them turning, burning bright?
Then look deep inside
There’s a place where you’ll find
all you want, all you need, all you dream

Where you can be happy
Where you can be all you’re meant to be
You can be happy
Deep down in your heart you hold the key
And you can be happy
You can shine with the truth you hold inside
And be happy
Then you’ll find you’ve got nothing left to hide

Stars on the sidewalk


On the Other Side

Música: Nancy L. Uelmen
Letra: Sarah G. McAllister
© Copyright Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M.
All rights reserved