Don’t Want to Go

Don’t want to go
To that sad, sad place
Where the wind never blows
Gently on my face
Don’t want to go
Where the sun never shines
No I don’t want to go
Lord I don’t want to go there

Don’t want to know
What’s inside my mind
‘Cause I tremble to think
What I just might find
Don’t want to see
What is hiding in me
No I just can’t face the mirror
Can’t face the image I see
It can be so cold inside
And it’s so hard sometimes

And who will ever understand
The muffled cry inside my soul?
I’m living in a no-man’s land
Without a place to call my home
And who will dare to hold my hand
When I break down and lose control?

You’ve been there before
Your arms open wide
Your heart on the line
You didn’t even know why

You cried for me
You died for me
Now I know
You’re there waiting for me


Music Made to Be Played

Musica: Nancy L. Uelmen
Testi: Sarah G. McAllister
© Copyright Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M.. All rights reserved