From the Inside Outside

14 songsin 5 different languages make up this album inspired by thousands of young people from all over the world, with whom we have shared challenges and talents With a style that mixes electronic sounds, rock, and K-pop with an ethnic touch, which reflect the group’s multicultural nature, the songs address issues such as low self-esteem, bullying, racism, addictions.

#TierradePazOurCommonGround #IveGotHope #WaveofLove #JustOneLastTime #ComoLluviaSuave #SeilaMiaFelicita #WhoAreYou #AtéVoar #SololaLuce #OnlyLight #ThisisOurName #CheSianoUno #IdeiaLouca #SigoEsperando #TurnItUp

  1. From the Inside Outside
  2. Tierra de Paz – Our Common Ground
  3. I’ve Got Hope
  4. Wave of Love
  5. Just One Last Time
  6. Como Lluvia Suave
  7. Sei la Mia Felicità
  8. 아름다운 Girl (Who Are You?)
  9. Até Voar
  10. Solo la Luce – Only Light
  11. This Is Our Name
  12. Che Siano Uno
  13. Ideia Louca
  14. Sigo Esperando (I’ve Got Hope)
  15. Turn it Up