Choral Workshops

Choral Workshops

Gen Verde is internationally recognized for creating sacred and liturgical music. Gen Verde compositions are regularly played and sung in places of worship around the world.
To respond to a growing number of requests from parish and diocesan groups as well as ecumenical bodies, Gen Verde has developed a formation program focused on the role of music within liturgy, in the service and aid of prayer. The activity culminates in a final celebratory liturgy.

The project is specifically addressed to choir members and musicians who want to deepen the role of singing and music in the liturgy.

Gen Verde offers three types of Choral Workshops which vary in length and difficulty. Organizers can choose the most suitable format based on the level of participants and the time available for the project.
Each choral workshop includes separate guided rehearsal sessions for each vocal section and for instrumentalists and rehearsals with the entire group, during which participants have the opportunity to deepen the various aspects of the celebration.

The experience ends with a vigil, or mass, animated by the choristers together with Gen Verde.

A church or other appropriate location where the final rehearsal and the concluding mass will take place. Before the final rehearsal, a suitable position for the choir and instruments must be prepared.

Choral Workshop: pictures

Some pictures of choral workshops held in different cities. A unique programme where you can learn more about the importance of music in the liturgy as prayer and service. These workshops are also an opportunity to share unique moments with the Gen Verde artists and learn how some of the songs were created.


  • Workshops in choral singing for the liturgy
  • One or more days
  • A larger room for rehearsals with the entire group
  • Rooms for the various workshop groups
  • Appropriate location for the concluding celebration

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