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Official Photos, Images and Videos of Gen Verde

With Gen Verde’s official photos and videos, you can relive the highlights of their tours in Italy and around the world. Immerse yourself in the musical world of the Gen Verde with images that capture the magic of the stages, conveying the power and emotionality of the band’s songs.

Photos and images of Gen Verde

Numerous photographs of Gen Verde are available to relive the most significant moments of their performances. During five decades of activity, the group has presented more than 1,500 shows, spreading their Christian pop-rock to various parts of the world.

Gen Verde’s Videos

By exploring Gen Verde’s video section, you will discover the band’s extensive musical repertoire. You can listen to their songs, published on the official YouTube channel, and relive their memorable concerts. Among the videos you will find, for example, the song “Walk On Holy Ground“: suitable for moments of prayer and reflection. Watching the official videos will give you access to their incredible repertoire, ranging from pop to liturgical music.

More photos and images

From stages in Germany to Spain, through Italy and the United States, to Latin America and Asia, Gen Verde has conveyed and continues to give messages of peace and equality through their musical compositions. The official images of the concerts in New York, Los Angeles, Assisi and around the world offer a unique opportunity to re-immerse oneself in these messages and share the experience of performances that have crossed geographical and cultural borders.

More videos of Gen Verde

Their songs convey messages of love and universal fraternity that are always relevant. But that’s not all, you can also read and sing the lyrics through the group’s video lyrics, such as the song ‘Nelle mani tue‘, a single that emphasises the importance of trusting and relying on the knowledge that you are never alone.