Stay updated on the concerts and events of the Gen Verde Tour 2024!

Gen Verde offers various events and concerts in Italy and around the world, to share their music and songs whose messages of peace and fraternity are always relevant.

What do they offer?
Gen Verde in Concert, a show in which some ethnic sounds are re-proposed in a pop-rock style, accompanied by choreography and a set design enriched by the use of multimedia videos that help understand the messages the group wants to convey. Gen Verde Acoustic, a show with a repertoire of the group’s best-known songs in an acoustic version. The Start Now Workshop Project offers young people the opportunity to be part of the concert programme after actively participating in artistic workshops. The Choral Workshops is designed for choirs who want to deepen their understanding of the role of singing and liturgical music. And last but not least, Gen Verde also offers meetings through which they dialogue and interact with young people and/or special events such as the one that will take the band to perform at the Genfest 2024 in Brazil.

Gen Verde Tour Italia

Gen Verde has a special connection with Italy, since it is based in the international town of Loppiano, of the Focolare Movement, and its intense artistic activity was born there. For decades now, the band has been able to present their songs with much appreciation from the public, coming to be recognised as one of the best known Christian pop-rock groups. Thus, Gen Verde presents the Gen Verde Tour Italia 2024, which takes them to many cities where they are called by organisations and associations to perform and conduct artistic workshops.

Molise: Termoli (CB) | Veneto: Asparetto (VR), Arcole (VR) | Apulia: Barletta (BT), Lucera (FG) | Emilia-Romagna: Comacchio (FE) | Tuscany: Loppiano – Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI)

Gen Verde World Tour

The internationality of the artists and its authentic and credible message result in the band to be requested for concerts and events on European and intercontinental tours. The Gen Verde World Tour 2024 includes stops in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, as well as the participation in the Genfest 2024 in Brazil. Concerts and various artistic workshops involving local youth will take place in the cities covered by the tour.

Spain: Cartagena, Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Granada, Jaén, Talavera de la Reina | France: Lyon, Angers | Germany: Bad Tölz | Brazil: Aparecida (Genfest 2024), San Paolo.

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