Start Now Workshop Project

Start Now is Gen Verde’s experiential learning project which promotes peace and dialogue through the arts. It fosters cultural intelligence, openness to diversity and respect towards all.

Through the sessions of workshops and rehearsals participants can discover and develop their own talents so as to try to overcome insecurities and find the skills and courage to be themselves.

It is designed for teenagers and young adults from 14 to 25 years old. Each project is customizedaccording to the age groups and artistic levels of the participants.

The programme is normally spread over five days. It provides singing, dance, drama and percussion workshops in which young people work to create a final performance on stage as a part of Gen Verde’s concert. It can take place in schools, universities, youth groups and communities, offering an open, flexible and inclusive programme.

Places will be needed to hold the workshops with separate rooms suitable for each workshop. A room able to accommodate all participants for the initial presentation and the final feedback session is also required. Preferred venuesfor the final concert: theatres, sports halls, auditoriums or concert halls.


  • Performing arts workshops + final concert with full band and choreographies
  • 3 days of performing arts workshops +
  • 1 concert +
  • 1 concluding meeting
  • Rooms for each specific workshop group
  • Larger room for the initial presentation and final performance

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