Da quel sì…

From that “Yes”. Over the years Gen Verde has composed many pieces inspired by the life and writings of Chiara Lubich. On the anniversary of her death we opened the “family treasure chest.” Here is acompilation of some of these songsspontaneously recorded the very moment they were composed.

#Tivogliobene #Settedicembre #Chefelicità #Eccomi #Totatua #Daquelsì #MariatrasparenzadiDio #Latuavignadavantiate #Vienivergineesposa

  1. Ti voglio bene (1985)
  2. Sette dicembre (1977)
  3. Che felicità (1984)
  4. Eccomi (1985)
  5. Tota tua (1985)
  6. Da quel sì (1993)
  7. Maria, trasparenza di Dio (2003)
  8. La tua vigna davanti a te (2003)
  9. Vieni, vergine e sposa (2008)