Prime pagine

Young people with stories, dreams, projects. In their hearts, a question: is there anything in this world which the bombs of war cannot destroy? Yes. God. And they choose Him as the Ideal of their lives. First Pages: a musical that narrates the true story of a Gospel that came to life on the streets of Trent in the early 40’s. It is based on the story of Chiara Lubich and her first companions. Songbook available in physical format.

#E’amore #Paginesupagine #Sognandosognigrande #Suibinarideltempo #Dovesei #Senzarumore #C’èchicipensa #Scendelasera #LetMeBe #Buongiorno #Milionidicuori

  1. Pagine su pagine
  2. Sognando sogni grandi
  3. Sui binari del tempo
  4. Dove sei?
  5. Senza rumore
  6. C’è chi ci pensa
  7. Scende la sera
  8. Buongiorno
  9. Milioni di cuori
  10. Let Me Be
  11. E’ amore