Medley Loppiano Christmas Choir

Together with the Loppiano choir, Gen Verde plays and sings some Christmas songs from various parts of the world: “Tu scendi dalle Stelle,” “Silent Night,” “Il est né, le divin Enfant,” “Adeste Fideles,” and “Gli angeli delle campagne.”

This song is part of the concert “Together at Christmas – Natale con il Gen Verde,” which can be found in full on the official Gen Verde channel.

1- Tu scendi dalle stelle –
Author: Dominio Pubblico, Neurohr Markus
Composer: Dominio Pubblico
© Copyright: Dominio Pubblico

2- Silent Night –
Author: Camathias Flurin, Mohr Joseph
Composer: Gruber Franz Xaver

3- Il est né, le divin Enfant –
© Copyright: Anonimo

4- Adeste Fideles –
© Copyright: Anonimo

5- Gli angeli delle campagne –
Author: Anonimo
Composer: Dominio Pubblico
© Copyright: Anonimo

Together at Christmas – Natale con il Gen Verde