Medley Cantemos Juntos

“Entrai, pastores, entrai,” “Los peces en el río,” “El burrito sabanero,” “Boas Festas,” and “Feliz Navidad” are popular songs, in both Portuguese and Spanish languages, that are very popular in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and throughout Latin America.

This song is part of the concert “Together at Christmas – Natale con il Gen Verde,” which can be found in full on the official Gen Verde channel.

1- Entrai, pastores, entrai
© Copyright: Anonimo

2- Los peces en el río
Author: Marion Rolf
Composer: Dominio Pubblico
© Copyright: Dominio Pubblico

3- El burrito sabanero
Author: Blanco Manzo Hugo Cesar
Composer: Blanco Manzo Hugo Cesare

4- Boas Festas
Author/Composer:Valente Jose de Assis

5- Feliz Navidad
Author/Composer: Feliciano Jose

Together at Christmas – Natale con il Gen Verde