Gen Verde U.S. Tour 2023 (Songs from the Concert – Compilation)

The songs from Gen Verde’s 2023 coast to coast U.S. Tour, all in one place! Mostly in English but with an international touch that reflects the group’s diversity, this collection includes tracks that run right through from their latest albums to their most recent singles.

  1. From the Inside Outside
  2. Como Lluvia Suave
  3. Stars On The Sidewalk
  4. Just One Last Time
  5. 아름다운 Girl (Who Are You?)
  6. Io credo nel noi
  7. Uirapuru
  8. Turn Around
  9. Coming Home
  10. I’ve Got Hope
  11. Ideia Louca
  12. Break the Chain
  13. Solo la Luce – Only Light
  14. East West
  15. Tierra de Paz – Our Common Ground
  16. Vincent’s Song (You Did It To Me)
  17. Walk On Holy Ground
  18. On the Other Side
  19. Encuentro
  20. We Choose Peace
  21. Turn It Up
  22. Girl On A Mission (Magnificat)