On the Other Side

11 songs, in 5 languages: ‘On the Other Side’ tells of the conquests and the tragedies of everyday people in our cities and of those who cry out for justice in our own countries. Andthrough autobiographical stories, it shares theinfinite possibilities discovered when we look with the eyes of those “On the Other Side.”

Also listen On the Other Side – Intrumental Backing Tracks.

#Bajolaciudad #Iocredonelnoi #BreaktheChain #DeixaroAmorvencer #Chipiangeperte #StarsOnThe Sidewalk #Uirapuru #Vozdelaverdad #Ultimopensiero #Youarepartofme

  1. On the Other Side
  2. Bajo la ciudad
  3. Io credo nel noi
  4. Break the Chain
  5. Deixar o Amor vencer
  6. Chi piange per te?
  7. Stars On The Sidewalk
  8. Uirapuru
  9. Voz de la verdad
  10. L’ultimo pensiero
  11. You’re part of me (내 안의 너)