Bend Don’t Break

Just the other day I turned on my TV
I saw a world of desperation on the news
Such a wave of sadness just came over me
It seemed like wars are all that we know how to do
Why can’t we ever seem to get along together?
Why does the fighting never cease?
But then I realized if I don’t start with me
I’ll never see a day of peace

I’ve got to learn

Bend, don’t break
Bend, don’t break
Bend, don’t break
It can be amazing what a difference love can make

Then I think about the girl who lives next door
You know we really never do see eye to eye
After that big argument we’d speak no more
And in the meantime months have silently gone by
How can I suddenly just swallow my pride
After all that she has put me through?
But then again well maybe I could just try
To somehow see things from her point of view

I’ll tell myself

Bend, don’t break…

A secret power is in our hearts
It goes beyond our feelings
We’ve only got to learn the art
Of loving and of healing

We’ve got to say

Bend, don’t break… (2 volte)


G giovani e Gen Verde

Words: Paola Stradi
Music: M. Thérèse Henderson / Nancy L. Uelmen
© Copyright Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M.
All rights reserved