G giovani e Gen Verde

A group of high school students, at first surprised and then enthused, accepted our invitation to sketch an image of their generation through their essays which we then transformed into music.
10 pieces – rock, hip hop, dance, pop – frizzling with candor, they tell of a world of why’s, fears and dreams. Songbook available in physical format.

Also listen G giovani e Gen Verde – Instrumental Backing Tracks.

#Hello #Chisono #BendDon’tBreak #Win-winstrategy #L’amorepiùgrandechec’è #Appostaperme #Etulopuoi #Ritornando #Luminosestelle #Entratenelmioblog

  1. Chi sono
  2. Bend Don’t Break
  3. Win-win strategy
  4. L’amore più grande che c’è
  5. Apposta per me
  6. E tu lo puoi
  7. Ritornando
  8. Luminose stelle
  9. Entrate nel mio blog