You Call Us By Name

The song “You Call Us By Name” is suitable for Easter celebrations, ordinary time and as the entrance song of liturgical celebrations.

Words – You Call Us By Name

You call us by name
to be your own people.
Our hearts fill with wonder as we enter your doors.
You give us your Word,
You bring us your presence
and turn every darkness into light for us, Lord.
Come make us one in you.
Here we are.

Lord, we come to answer your call.
You have spoken in the depths of our soul.
Though along the way we may fall,
You will reach out to raise us up
And bring us home.

You call us by name…

Lord, we bring before you our lives.
You have shown us how to love without end.
Teach us how to see with your eyes
and believe when we die with you
we’ll rise again.

You call us by name…

Come make us one in you.
Here we are.
Here we are.

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He’s Alive


Words: Sarah G. McAllister
Music: Nancy L. Uelmen
© Copyright Gen Verde della P.A.F.O.M.
All rights reserved