Gen Verde at Genfest!

Gen Verde will be at the Genfest 2024, the international youth event of the Focolare Movement, in Aparecida (SP), Brazil.
Genfest flyer

In July, Gen Verde will be at Genfest 2024 in Aparecida, Brazil.

In July we are going to the Genfest! This global event brings together people of different beliefs, ethnicities and cultures who share the vision of a more united world and, this year, it will take place for the first time in Brazil, from 12 to 24 July, in Aparecida (SP).

The programme begins with social action in cities all over Brazil and Latin America, and many young people from different backgrounds and parts of the world will participate in our artistic workshops. In these workshops, we will prepare for the special concert we will do during the main event.

The main event of Genfest!

The central event of Genfest 2024 is from 19-21 July and will be attended by thousands of people around the world.

On Saturday 20th of July the programme will be streamed live and Gen Verde will appear on several occasions, with other artists from Genfest, ‘Banda Unità’ (a Brazilian musical ensemble created especially for the event) and ‘AsOne’, an Italian youth band. On Saturday evening we will also perform a special concert for the Genfest!

On Sunday 21st July at noon, we will sing at Mass in the Shrine of Aparecida. At 3pm, we have a concert in the ‘Centro de Eventos’ of Aparecida, where a large number of pilgrims are expected, and also Focolare members from all over Brazil.

From 21st to 24th July, we will participate in different parts of the programme, carrying out workshops, conferences and presentations.

Performing arts workshops in São Paulo

Afterwards, we will move to the great city of São Paulo, where we will carry out performing arts workshops and several performances in two different places: São Joao Batista parish and in the AFAGO SP Association (Family, Group and Community Support Association), founded in 1993 AFAGO aims to provide daily assistance to 280 socio-economically vulnerable children and teenagers, and to help them work towards their personal and professional development.

These will be very intense days full of experiences and adventures and we can’t wait to get to Brazil!

Watch the video of the song we prepared especially to play during Genfest:

Click to listen to the song on all digital platforms.