“Start Here and Now”. Gen Verde’s new song

Gen Verde launches "Start Here and Now", a new single featuring Banda Unità e AsOne for Genfest 2024, in Brazil.
"Start Here and Now "- Gen Verde ft. Banda Unità & AsOne
“Start Here and Now “- Gen Verde ft. Banda Unità & AsOne

Gen Verde launches a new single for Genfest 2024, in Brazil.

“Start Here and Now” is an anthem which celebrates unity, strength, courage and joy. All of us, in the beauty of our diversity, are invited to go beyond every border to build a world where care, love, justice and inclusion are the answer to suffering, war and divisions.

With the special participation of the young people from Banda Unità (Brazil) and AsOne (Italy), this song was created to be sung for the first time at the Genfest 2024 in Aparecida, Brazil, whose motto is ‘Juntos para Cuidar – Together to Care’.

What lies behind the song?

This new song is in itself an experience of going across borders, starting with its production. The vocals were recorded in three different parts of the world and the music video was also filmed in three different locations: Loppiano and Verona (Italy) and Recife (Brazil).

‘Start Here and Now’ has an intergenerational and intercultural mix, and includes the participation of two bands of young people that share Gen Verde’s values: Banda Unità, a Brazilian musical group created for Genfest 2024, and AsOne, a band from Verona, Italy. Through their music they want to share the values of peace, dialogue and universal fraternity.

The new single has a lot of rhythm and powerful lyrics, sung in different languages, to highlight the creative process, which was inspired by the interculturality and commitment to universal fraternity which underpins the Genfest event. This global gathering brings together people of different beliefs, ethnicities and cultures who share the vision of a more united world. Its motto is ‘Juntos para Cuidar – Together to Care’.

“Start Here and Now” at the 2024 Genfest

Gen Verde will perform this song for the first time on stage at the international event Genfest 2024, in Aparecida, Brazil, together with the musical ensembles Banda Unità and AsOne. It will be a very special moment that can be followed live from more than 120 countries, during the worldwide streaming of Genfest, on 20 July.

Gen Verde – ‘Start Here and Now’ (feat. Banda Unità, AsOne) (Official Video)

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