#genverdestartnow #mettersiingioco (get involved)

Senigallia: an experience in a hashtag

Almost a hundred young people from various schools in Senigallia participated in the Start Now Project and performed with us on stage on December 1st at La Fenice Theatre.

They told us: “we worked very hard, took courage to go out of ourselves without judging others. It put a smile on our face and improved our self-esteem.”

We asked: “how would you define this experience in a hashtag?” They responded without any hesitation #mettersiingioco (get involved)

This time let’s hear what one of the participants had to say.

Today this new experience has come to an end. It has made me rediscover the values that I had lost for a while, and discover that there are still people who have ideals and a desire to have a good time and most of all to live life to the full.

I got involved; I was sceptical perhaps because I was going through a difficult time, but I’m thankful I made this choice. If I had not taken the risk to do it, I would have missed out on so much and I would not have had the chance to build this great family.

I thank all of Gen Verde, Alessandra and Andreina from the drama workshop helped me rediscover myself. Despite the difficult time that I’m in, during those short times of workshop I was able to keep a smile on my face – a smile which previously I had lost who knows where.

Thank you and also thanks to the fantastic group in which I felt really at home.

If I were to go back in time, I would re-do this experience a thousand times, but in the end experiences are good when they are unique. Thank you all!