Gen Verde Tour 2022

New year, new tour.

We’re starting again together stronger than ever! This is Gen Verde’s conviction for the year ahead. We’re still at the beginning, but we’re thinking and planning… the calendar, almost like a chessboard, is full of commitments and concerts and Spring seems to be just around the corner. After two years of the pandemic, we are no longer the same,” explains Beatrice An, one of Gen Verde’s composers, “and that is why we are renewing our concert: music, lights, choreography, videos, costumes… everything.

“A choice dictated by a great desire – continues Beatrice An – to communicate more and better who we are, the values in which we believe and for which we are ready to put everything on the line”. The message does not change: a united world is possible. Even today, even now, when contexts change and the focus is renewed.

What inspires us is authenticity, real relationships, interculturalism, diversity… without neglecting creativity. Colomba Bai explains: “That’s why we are working to ensure that our concerts involve the audience more and are more spontaneous. During the pandemic, a wave of creativity was unleashed and… all that’s left is to immerse ourselves in the show!”

Where? Here are the concerts confirmed so far. But keep following us because we are still building our tour around Europe!