Gen Verde: Tour in Portugal – Part 1

Braga and Santa Maria da Feira, the first stops

Here we are in Portugal. Some of us have been here before and for others it’s their first visit but for all of us it seems like a homecoming. Here we found family, joy, and a people with a heart as big as the world.

This time around we’ve come not only with our concerts but also the Start Now project, featuring songs from our new album From the Inside Outside.

In Braga and Santa Maria da Feira we worked with almost 200 young people from different schools and backgrounds. Each city, with its own characteristics, is a world to discover… but in the end Start Now makes us become one people that wants to make a difference with each one’s commitment to give joy, love and hope.

One of the organizers confided: “Behind the artistic work there is another objective; that is to help young people discover the best of what they have inside, empowering them, increasing their self-esteem and consolidating social skills. Furthermore, they work to let them recognize problems that exist around us such as violence, bullying, marginalization, fear and intolerance, and help them be conscious in creating relationships against all forms of social exclusion and develop actions of solidarity as citizens in order to resolve conflicts they face every day.”

And what did those who took part in the project say?
“We learned a lot for our lives. Each person has different characteristics, and we have to respect each one without judging right away.”
“We will remember not to be afraid of facing any obstacles we encounter individually or as a group.”
“Effort and group collaboration, trusting ourselves and not giving up at a first obstacle: this is what we bring home.”
“Together we are strong: on one’s own it wouldn’t be enough, we need to be united to change the world.”

They went back home happy, with the commitment to meet again to conquer the challenge of building a better world together.

But this is only a beginning as the project itself says: “Start Now and who knows where it will take us”.
So, follow us in our Portuguese adventures, now in Fatima, then Manique, Evora and Faro.