Gen Verde: Unforgettable days in Bressanone!

Talented young people came on stage with us and gave a magical touch to this Start Now.

“We only spent 5 days together but it seemed like we have known each other for ages”. This is what we all felt: Gen Verde, the young people who participated in the Project, the organizers… everyone. Words that describe these days are: family, sharing, hard work, practical projects, joy and lots of fun!

One of the most important moments of the Start Now Project is the feedback session we have with the participants the day after the concert. We would like to share with you how they described their experiences lived together, with its difficulties and challenges: Some guys told us:

“We overcame whatever barrier we found in others. Even the smallest thing like a smile can change the world, transform it to see its true beauty, which we perceived thanks to all of you. Beauty that is not only on the outside but comes from the heart”.
“We saw that we’re not alone in bringing about change, we are not too small to change things. We too can do great things and it’s nice to know that we’re not alone, that there are many good people who want to make a difference”.
“We live different challenges both personal and as a group. For example, shyness or selfishness when I want to impose my idea instead of thinking that other people’s ideas can be enriching for me”.
“If there is darkness, there is also light. Very often we see negative things on the news, but there are actually many positive things that are born from a single word, a gesture or a song that can help us not survive but live your life. Because if you just survive it, you don’t live it fully.”
“We learned to find joy in little things we come across along the way, and we now have more hope to face our daily lives.”
“Now going back home we shouldn’t stay in our ‘couches’ and be lazy because if we have hope and do something concrete, we can change the world because we ‘believe in us’.”

Alessandra from Gen Verde added: “We too came home different, with more hope: seeing these young people with so much strength and happiness in their hearts confirms that we can make a difference if we truly ‘believe in Us’.”

And so we go back home but still we continue together to be that strength that can change the world!

See you again! With you there Alto Adige is in good hands.