Gen Verde’s products on the “Made in Loppiano” Marketplace

You can get CDs, LP records and other Gen Verde merchandise online

Up until now most of Gen Verde’s products could only be found at our concerts or when visiting Loppiano.

But now there’s the “Made in Loppiano” Marketplace. Through this online store, you can find artistic products of all kinds, produced in Loppiano. These items are created by people of all ages and ethnicities with a special care for quality, respect for the environment, and work and life ethics based on communion and solidarity.

They are not only item made with care, competence and passion but they also reflect our values.

Gen Verde began in Loppiano; it is our home and the place where we find inspiration for much of our creative work. And most of all, with the people of Loppiano we share the same values: a driving force for our life and our work.

So, we couldn’t miss out on being present at the Marketplace of this town.

Here you can buy our CDs, rare vinyl records, sheet music T-shirts, hats, bracelets and other useful items with the Gen Verde logo.

If you’d like to take a look… here’s the link: