‘Girl On A Mission’: new versions and karaoke!

The new version and karaoke of the song written by Gen Verde for WYD are now available in Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

The WYD 2023 in Lisbon is fast approaching and for that reason we have launched the new version and karaoke of our new song ‘Girl On A Mission (Magnificat) in several languages! So that many of you can learn it and sing it with us in Portugal!

The karaoke versions are available on our YouTube channel in Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), English, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil), as is the karaoke version of the original song.

On our website you can also find official version (click on each title to go to the translation): Niente ti fermerà (Magnificat), which is the official Italian version; “Há uma voz que te chama (Magnificat), official version in Portuguese (Portugal); Um convite à missão (Magnificat), in the Portuguese version of Brazil; You’re A Girl On A Mission (Magnificat), in English; and Sin mirar atrás (Magnificat), in Spanish.

We can’t wait to play it live on stage for you! And we look forward to seeing you on our next concerts in Cascia (Perugia, Italy), Braga, Algarve and Lisbon! Click here for more info.