Global Compact on Education and “Start Now”

Challenges we have in common

“… Art is sustaining us in the midst of this pandemic and you are doing it marvelously.” This is what one Brazilian girl wrote to us after listening to our songs. She, like many others, tries to bring peace, hope, love and joy to those around her in her everyday life… especially during this globally challenging time.

It’s true that “the world is changing continuously and is facing various crises” but it’s also true that “every change needs an educational path that involves everyone”, as Pope Francis affirmed in the “Message for the Launch of the Compact on Education”, on 12 September, 2019.

Now you may be asking: “So what does Start Now have to do with all this?”

Start Now – dialogue, peace, unity… it begins with me!

This is the title of the project we bring with us around the world: an educational project for peace and dialogue that promotes cultural intelligence, openness to diversity and respect towards all people. It seems complex and impossible but this is exactly what we experience together with young people!

During the 5 days of artistic workshops, the young people work hard to create a final performance to present onstage alongside us. But that’s not all: they also experience a small piece of a better world and a hopeful future where the person is at the centre. It’s a chance for them to understand the value of each person in all their diversity; where they can discover and share their talents; where they can experience the culture of encounter; and where on the last day it’s not uncommon to see tears being shed because no one wants those beautiful days to end Start Now is all this and more!

To all the young people: we miss being with you in person during these difficult times. Yet we’re sure that if we keep on caring for each other, even from a distance, we will see each other soon.

We can do this! #mettersiingiocco!

Just remember: #genverdestartnow is more alive than ever and is with each of you!