In the heart of Andalusia

Gen Verde in Granada, Huétor Tajar, Chauchina, Cijuela, Jaén

We’ve had many unforgettable moments in this tour in southern Spain (Andalusia).

First stop: Granada with the Start Now Project. About a hundred young people gathered from various schools, all of them enthusiastic to take on the challenge of working together as a group. They have truly gone “From the Inside Outside”.

Entradas agotadas” (sold out) days before the concert, which was an incredible start to the tour.

These days could be described as a “collaboration between different generations for a better society”.

Here are some impressions: “by overcoming embarrassment and taking risks in order to learn new things, we can reach positive objectives.” “I learned to trust and not to close myself to people just because I don’t know them” “Perhaps many sad things happen, but now I’ll remember this experience of having made people happy with a simple gesture.” “We liked the fact of welcoming the other as s/he is with his/her defects and positive aspects.”

From Granada we went to Huétor Tajar, Chauchina e Cijuela and in each place felt very much at home. We had different programs personalized for each place: meetings and dialogue with students from various schools, sung masses, get-togethers with old friends.

Then Jaén; here too, entradas agotadas (sold out) for the Gen Verde Acoustic concert. We had a very receptive audience who, at the same time, participated with great enthusiasm. This is what giving and receiving truly mean. They told us: “Gen Verde has rocked Jaen!” “It was very deep concert, full of life. It’s complete.”

We also shared profound moments with EscuchArte, a group of friends with whom we worked and sang in the celebration for their 10th anniversary.

Andalusia, nos despedimos! (It’s time to go!) But another adventure awaits us in the corazòn (heart) of Spain.