Today is Gen Verde’s birthday!

56th anniversary of the birth of Gen Verde

On 23 December 1966 the music groups Gen Verde and Gen Rosso were born, thanks to the gift of a green and a red drum kit to a group of young women and young men respectively. Those drums became symbols of a revolution in which music and talents shared and offered are privileged instruments to help bring about a more united and fraternal world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the women who have been part of Gen Verde. From 1966 till now, 148 members have given their unique contribution to this group that wants to bear witness that the path to a more fraternal world generates life and, above all, that it is possible. Right now, there are 19 of us from 14 countries, but without the contribution of the women who came before us, Gen Verde would not be the same! Thank you!