Chi piange per te? (Who weeps for you?) – Gen Verde’s new music video

When someone suffers, it is our business: an invitation to care for others

Fleeing from untold horror on a battered old dinghy, surrounded by waves six meters high. For two seemingly endless days, they were left crying out, seeking help, off the coast of Libya, and it was all in vain: over 130 people were left to drown there two weeks ago.
This is only one of the most recent tragedies in the Mediterranean, in a situation that has been going on for years.

After a terrible shipwreck in Lampedusa, Pope Francis said: “We have succumbed to the globalization of indifference. We have gotten used to the suffering of others, we don’t care, it doesn’t matter to us, it’s not our business!”. Unfortunately, those words are still extremely relevant today in many terrible situations around the world.

It was around that time that we composed the song Chi piange per te? (Who weeps for you?), inspired by a true story of a little girl who was lost at sea. We realize that it has helped many people to change perspective and awaken the sense of tenderness and solidarity which we all have inside.

For this reason, responding to many requests, we have produced a new music video for this song. We hope it will help those who hear it to make the suffering of others their own.

If we awaken our conscience to the fact that those who venture out to sea in this desperate way are truly our brothers and sisters to be taken care of, then our thoughts and actions will also change. In this way “there will no longer be ‘them’ but only ‘us’” and that reality will grow always more to include everyone.