Finally we have arrived in Cuba! A dream we’ve shared for years now.

Arriving there, we set ourselves to work right away with over 140 young people coming from different parts of the island. With their joyfulness, openness and tenacity, they learned the pieces for the concert in just two sessions of workshops.

Despite difficulties every young adult faces in Cuba, we found in them and in every person we met there openness and a great ability to create a team, to create a family and to “believe in us”.

Many of them said: “I understood that we need to accept everything; what every person does has an importance. To change the world I have to first change myself.”

“The one with you Gen Verde has been the best experience I’ve had because you provide us with challenges, and to create a group we’ve got to break down the barriers we shouldn’t think in terms of races, religions or cultures. I’ve realized that if we do this the world can be one.”

“I think that there are many challenges, each one has his/her way of singing or dancing, just like in our lives, each one has his/her philosophy. And the challenge we have here is unity, diversity and to come together to reach the goal; unity brings out all these amazing results.”

At the finale of the concert, with the whole audience on their feet, the young people started singing “Io credo nel noi”(I believe in us) as if it had become their anthem in which they identify their lives: a way of living that keeps them go forward.

Now we part taking with us all their beauty in our hearts. We are sure that this “believing in us” will remain in them as a seed of builders of a new society.