Gen Verde: “Con te camminerò” & “Junto a ti caminaré”

Gen Verde releases the Italian version "Con te camminerò" and the Spanish version “Junto a ti caminaré” of their song "Walk on Holy Ground".

On Friday 3 March, the international band Gen Verde releases the songs “Con te camminerò” and “Junto a ti caminaré”, the Italian and Spanish versions of the song “Walk on Holy Ground”, released in 2022. The tracks are available on all digital platforms. The lyric videos of ‘Con te camminerò” and “Junto a Ti Caminaré”.

The inspiration behind the song

The inspiration behind the song “Walk On Holy Ground”

Nancy Uelmen, author and singer of Gen Verde, explains the process that led to the composition of the song and the impact it had on the audience:

“It all started when the Vincentians asked us to write a new song for the 43rd General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission. We have been collaborating with the Vincentian Family on various occasions for some years now and feel a special bond with them. So, first of all we had to immerse ourselves in what was closest to their hearts. They told us that they felt the need to renew their interior life by putting the relationship with Jesus at the centre of all their service for the poor.

“As a first step in writing the original song (Walk on Holy Ground), I reflected on how this was also true for me. Even in my own experience, after so many years of trying to follow Jesus’ calling, I have seen how easy it is to get caught up in so many activities, and how important it is to keep my eyes fixed on the One who gives meaning to everything, learning to recognise his presence in each person I meet.

“Thus, I came up with the image of walking beside Jesus on that ‘holy ground’, and that’s how the first line of the refrain was born, which then became the key to the whole writing of both the words and the music. It seemed to me that it had to be a prayer made in several voices… personal, but at the same time choral. Gradually, also reflecting on the passages of the Gospel that were particularly important to St Vincent, the words began to flow together with the melody. I wrote them down as I went along on pieces of paper or on my phone, and when I was able to take the time to sit down in front of the piano, the piece took shape in all its structure. Then, together with the other members of the band, we started putting down ideas for the various instruments… we wanted the song to have a warm, reflective, sacred and, at the same time, joyful atmosphere. So, we chose acoustic instruments to help give it the right colours.

“The response of the audience went far beyond our expectations…. We had written the song with the Vincentian Family specifically in mind, but many people who feel called to follow Jesus through so many different charisms wrote to us to let us know how this piece helped them make new choices in that path, or to make challenging decisions. It seemed like a sign to me, of how all of us Christians are called to walk together, even in our diversity. With that in mind, we wanted to create versions in other languages to make the song more accessible to many more people“, said Nancy Uelmen.

Celebrating Easter with “Con te camminerò” and “Junto a ti caminaré”

One of the reasons Gen Verde has decided to release these songs at this time of the year is to give its Italian and Spanish-speaking audiences the opportunity to prepare themselves for the Easter Sunday celebrations. In fact, the lyrics, as well as the sheet music, are available on the Gen Verde website.

Listen to “Junto a ti Caminaré”.

Listen to “Con te camminerò”.

Watch the lyric video of “Junto a Ti Caminaré”: