Gen Verde, fascinating Fatima and friendship in Manique

Our Portughese tour continues on to the beat of the word “togetherness”

Fatima has its own special charm. Silence, prayerfulness, spiritual atmosphere, a sense that God is present here: just by looking around you see thousands of people that arrive with their joys and pains, petitions and thanksgiving…. We also arrived here bringing in our hearts – as true friends do – all the people we had met on our tours around the world.

In this atmosphere we continued with the third Start Now Project. Among the participants there were also young people with various disabilities they were a special gift, because they gave rise to increased sensitivity, love and reciprocal help among the participants.

The Paul VI Centre just by the Sanctuary was already extra full 30 minutes before the concert with 2300 people. The place was buzzing! But this time the evening opened not with Gen Verde but with a Portuguese band, Contraste, made up with young people of the Focolare Movement with impressive artistic talents. We found great affinity right away as we share the same ideals. Contraste, Gen Verde and Young People of Start Now Project: an unforgettable night, enriched by this “whole” which also here testified: “we can win because we believe in us”.

From here we hit the road towards Manique, on the outskirts of Lisbon where they welcomed us at the Salesian School with great care and love.

Here too, the students from various schools who participated in this experience told us: “we didn’t know each other but we became friends and united as one.”
“Through stories and experiences of life we realized that we only think of ourselves while there are many other problems. There’s light within us even though it can be difficult to find but together we can do so much.”
“We had fun even without cellphones.”
When we give of ourselves we are more genuine, and we are so happy to have had this incredible experience of friendship.”
“We will bring home friendship and all of you in our hearts.”

We too will bring all of you in our hearts; what unites us is the conviction that if I live for you, and you for me, we can triumph!