Panama and our soul diary

We’ve been updating you about many World Youth Day activities through social media; now we want to share what we have lived from our hearts.

The Panamanian soul

  • In Panama I felt at home. Whoever that passes by on the street is a pilgrim, we all greet one another as if we already know each other.
  • Coming back to my country for me means bringing the witness of our life together, saying that it’s worth living the ideal Jesus has shown us. Panama is a country of transition, migration and most of all hospitality. From here we can give the world a new vision: of being brothers and sisters in order to face the difficulties of life.
  • It was an honour for me to walk together with Panamanians and share their lives.

The youthful soul

  • We did many activities with young people: arts workshops, concerts, various performances as part of the programmes of the WYD, we sang at the vigil with thousands of them. But it’s the life we’ve shared and the steps we’ve taken together in these days that made us grow and be recharged.
  • Being on stage with the young people in Colón and Chitré during the pre-WYD: I could feel the reality of the international Church and the desire to say to many people “together” we can hope.
  • Participating in the post-WYD with all these young people passionate for a life of the Gospel made us see that the world still has a chance, and if we live as such, the Church can be renewed and become a sign of new life in the world.

The Church-soul

  • In these past two years we’ve had various opportunities to meet the Pope, also at home in Loppiano; but here what made us happy was not only singing for him but being here and living this moment with the whole church.
  • It was special and amazing to have the presence of the Holy Father and the participants from all over the world. Together with all the young people, we felt as one big family that tries to give the message of the gospel lived out everywhere.

The soul which goes beyond bars (after the visit in the women’s prison)

  • It was very special to spend time with women who are doing time. We shared our personal experiences, our fragility and above all our conviction that we can fall, we can go astray, but we can always stand up again if we stay together. Here is the WYD of the suburbs, the WYD that has entered the prison.
  • We gathered tears of commotion and gratitude to have been able to visit them. The young women in the prison have sensed the mercy of God and we have admired their strength.

The World-soul

  • Now leaving for Cuba, Guatemala and El Salvador renewed and revitalized. We hope to be able to convey this life and hope to all.